Katie Canfield

Katie Canfield is the founder and principal designer at Studio KC.  Studio KC got its humble start in 2015 when Katie was just 23 years old.  While she was freelancing with other interior designers in the NY and CT area she also became a go-to designer for local contractors and trades that needed a designer’s help for their clients whether it be for custom cabinetry drawings or plans for a gut renovation on an entire home.

Don’t be surprised if you find her side by side with a general contractor, climbing ladders and inside crawl spaces in her heels.  Katie’s unique background in understanding the fundamentals of construction has given her valuable problem solving skills in tricky situations.  She’s seen it all: from gutting prewar Manhattan apartments to new construction in the ‘burbs.

Studio KC is there for its clients from the start of construction to the final touches of accessories, Katie enjoys both construction and decorating work.  Being able to think ahead to future décor decisions allows Katie to bring a unique perspective to the construction process and create a cohesive design that is functional and beautiful.

Due to the small nature of Studio KC, Katie is able to focus on each client and form deep connections to help bring their visions to life.

Ice Dyed Pillows

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Studio KC is not only an interior design firm, Katie also experiments with textile and product design.  Currently available are limited edition ice dyed silk pillows.  Because of the natural process of ice melt reacting with dyes, each pillow is a one of a kind piece of art.  Click here to shop.

Pillows are made in limited runs.  Each collection features new colors and grounds.  For information on custom colors, projects or cut yardage please send an inquiry to katie@studiokcinteriors.com